Extending your vehicle's coverage is the best hedge against unexpected repair costs. The peace of mind knowing you are protected from a large claim which may be devastating to your monthly budget is invaluable. We customize our service agreement programs and terms to emphasize the best value to our dealer's customers. Some of our contracts include numerous roadside and towing benefits as well. NEW & PREMIUM VEHICLE WARRANTY COVERAGE BROCHURE
Express 5
We Ride With You
Your vehicle holds the promise of many miles on the open road. Your vehicle represents a significant investment. Maintaining your vehicle's safety and appearance can be frustrating and costly, both in time and money. Express 5 makes it all easier.

Express 5 Protection Includes:
  • Express 5 Roadside Assistance provides peace of mind while you and your family are on the road. With Express 5 Emergency Roadside Assistance, relax, you have help available… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A call to our toll-free number will dispatch prompt service to help in case of damage from highway debris, other road hazards, the need for towing, jump starts, and more!  
  • Express 5 Windshield Protection protects your vehicles windshield from the unavoidable chips and starburst cracks caused by flying road debris that litters our roads and highways. You can avoid this misery, drive safely and maintain your vehicle's appearance with Express 5 Windshield Protection.  
  • Express 5 Tire & Wheel Protection relieves concern about road hazards, one of the main causes of flat tires and wheel damage. American consumers spend billions every year for new replacement tires! With Express 5 Tire & Wheel Protection you can avoid those extra costs.  
  • Express 5 Dent & Ding Removal provides paintless dent removal, the most innovative way to repair the minor dent, dings and creases that occur during the normal life of a car. Without paint or filler, expert technicians restore your car to looking factory fresh.  
  • Express 5 Key/Remote Replacement assures that if your key/remote is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, it will be replaced, saving you hundreds of dollars! With Express 5 Key/Remote Replacement you're covered if your key/remote is locked inside your vehicle, or if towing is required due to the loss or destruction of your key/remote. 
AutoGAP: Guaranteed Asset Protection Plan 
For most people, the largest financial investment they make, outside of real estate, is their primary vehicle. If the unexpected happens and their vehicle is stolen or declared a total loss, they could be in for a shock. The outstanding loan balance may be more than the value of the vehicle. GAP is the best product in the market for avoiding such a rude awakening. 
Express Care Premium Protection
Especially formulated for your vehicle

Express Care Protection has been designed to maintain your vehicle's showroom shine. Technologically advanced sealants that protect your vehicle are professionally applied at this authorized dealership.
Express Care Premium Paint Protection Adds a high gloss finish to your investment while protecting it from these harmful effects:  
  • Weather induced fading and oxidation  
  • Ultraviolet rays  
  • Dirt, grime and road film  
  • Pollution, salts and harsh detergents  
  • Hard water spotting  
  • Bird Droppings  
  • Tree sap  
  • Express Care Leather & Vinyl Protection  
  • Protects your vehicle's interior leather and vinyl against:  
  • Stains  
  • Soiling  
  • Food and beverages  
  • Express Care Fabric Protection  
  • Extends the life and beauty of your interior cloth and carpet by sealing and protecting it from:  
  • Coffee, soda and juice  
  • Catsup, mayonnaise and ice cream  
  • Baby food and formula  
  • Pet mishaps  
  • Sand and soil  
  • Ultraviolet rays